Based primarily in San Francisco, OGLLC has been caring for and creating new outdoor spaces since 2007. While designing gardens is our favorite pastime, we also provide a myriad of garden related services. From irrigation and lighting, to skilled pruning and soil amendment, we pride ourselves for our excellent garden care and attention to detail.


Oliver Karelis began gardening while attending school in Washington D.C. nearly 20 years ago. His interest in garden design and plants blossomed naturally from his love of art and for the outdoors. Upon moving to San Francisco, Oliver became the lead maintenance gardener for Breaking Ground Landscape Design and project manager for MVLD. After teaming up with his business partner James Turner, the two formed OGLLC with an eye for both commercial and residential landscaping.

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Our team has 50 years combined experience in sustainable landscaping, plant care and selection, irrigation, lighting, and integrated pest management.

We’re hiring! If you have experience in this industry, send an email to info@olivergardensllc.com

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