Installations vary from single plants to entire gardens. We prepare your space with the long term success of your garden in mind. If necessary, demolition is the first step to replanting a garden, followed by soil preparation, plant placement, mulching, irrigation and even lighting. Do you need a weed tarp? We can put those down […]


After an initial on site consultation, we provide you with a planting plan and/or realistic rendering of your new garden. Consultations from $95; Planting Plans from $450 or Rendering from $475 (or both from $550)

Residential Maintenence

OG works all over town. If your home garden is on our beat, let’s see if we can fit you in for our high-end care. Thoughtful pruning, irrigation audits, hand watering, fertilizing, pest management, and soil conditioning are among our maintenance services.   Rates begin at $85 per man hour. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, […]

Commercial Maintenance

We care for some of the most beautiful buildings in San Francisco. OG is a small company, with top to bottom accountability. We care about what we do, and will keep your building’s gardens at their best, year round.   Get in touch for rates.